Trash collection every Wednesday and Saturday in 65 gallon BEST TRASH provided trash carts (black container with red lid)

Recycle collection every Wednesday (green container)

Please have trash and recyclables out to the curb by 7am.

Yard waste: trimmings must be no larger than 4 inches in diameter, no more than 4 feet long, tied in bundles not exceeding 40 pounds.

Recycleable: paper, plastics (1-7), aluminum cans, tin cans, glass (all colors)

If your regular trash or recycle day falls on a holiday (New Years Day, Independence Day or Christmas Day) the collection will be made on the next regularly scheduled collection day.

NOTE:  All trash cans must be placed out of view on non-trash days. Place cans either in your garage or a fenced enclosure. Leaving these out in view on a non-trash day is a violation and you will be cited by the HOA.

View letter for more details

 2020 Holiday Schedule 

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